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SoftNet, Inc.

Email Server Management

SoftNet specializes in messaging and collaboration servers, such as Microsoft Exchange Server. Whether you're ready to stop paying your ISP for monthly email services by implementing your own mail server, or just need assistance managing your existing mail servers, SoftNet Inc. can help.

IT Management

The backbone of a good network is documented procedures and policies. We can help you define your organization's IT policies, and assist you in planning effective procedures.

"Why do I need maintenance?"

Neglecting regular maintenance will (sooner or later) result in:

(!) Disk failures

(!) Backup failures

(!) Data loss

(!) Virus outbreaks

(!) Security breaches

(!) Poor system performance

(!) Email outages

(!) Data corruption

(!) System downtime

(!) Loss of productivity

(!) Unnecessary repair/recovery costs

Your Custom Network Maintenance Plan will cover:

* 24 x 7 Server Monitoring - monitoring of server vitals

* Server Health - overall health of your servers

* Backup Systems - monitoring and auditing (testing) of your backups

* Virus Protection - virus activity monitoring and response

* Security Management - firewall and network security management

* Network Equipment - maintenance of routers, switches, etc.

* Exchange Server - Exchange-critical maintenance and monitoring

* Terminal Server - Terminal server specific management

* SQL Server - SQL server and database maintenance

* File/Print Server - file and print services management

* Application Maintenance - software updates and maintenance

* Performance Monitoring - Assessment core system performance

* More - ask for your Custom Network Maintenance Plan

When your network is protected by our SoftNet Assurance maintenance plan, your network will be routinely maintained by a live consultant. In addition, our custom monitoring software will monitor your network and servers 24 hours a day, looking for early signs of problems including virus outbreaks, disk problems, backup failures, event log errors, and more.